Honey glow

That’s beautiful! All I have to do now is think of a recipe that represents this picture album!

Lady Fi

I don’t seem to be able to get enough

Of our late evening honey glow!

Golden light

It pours like warm syrup

Over water and jetty.


It bathes Oscar

As he enjoys the view;


And dances on golden feet

Over the lovely clover.

(I lay down in a patch of nettles to take this photo!)

Clover copy

For more honey, please visit: Skywatch.

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Apologies to everyone whom are awaiting a post, at the moment I am creating a recipe for a wonderful crystallized rose petal cupcake that I hope you will enjoy. That should come out either at the end of today or the end of tomorrow! Please reply with any good recipes you have, that have a floral theme. I will advertise your blog when posting your recipe.