Heyyy guys,
April Moonbeam here,
Just like to say thanks a million for reaching this page, I hope you enjoy my blogs.

So really you came to this page to read about me, but no all I am doing is blab blab blabing on. So let me get to it…

I first had an interest in blogs and websites when my dad started to teach me how to programme in the language of HTML5. At first it was a success but then I got quite bored as I didn’t know many things about it. So I needed something easier, but I still wanted to do Floral Eat, so I tried blogger but I decided it was too high tech will stats with graphs and everything. So I tried WordPress. And success Floral Eat came back to live at floraleat.wordpress.com.
So please enjoy that blog.

I got quite stuck in so I decided to make another one named Creative Guidance which you can access here.
So please enjoy that, and take the polls!

If their is anything else you would like to know about me please use the contact form in the Welcome post of Creative Guidance (link above). Please make sure that the subject is named About Me Page.

Thank you,
April Moonbeam


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